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For every brand we work with, we focus on creating a pertinent logo with 100% creativity, dedication, and perfection.

We do not make logos;

we make brands!

We offer 8 types of logo categories; which have their own best uses as per the brand industry.

Following are the categories:

    Monogram Logos

    Whether you are a design novice or a professional, Wizard Innovations is here to help you create an eye-catching identity for your brand.

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    Text Based Logos

    Whether you are a design novice or a professional, Wizard Innovations is here to help you create an eye-catching identity for your brand.

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    Pictorial Logos

    Do you want your brand to be immediately recognizable with an image? Go for a custom pictorial logo design that is strategized and simplified by professional design experts at Wizard Innovations.

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    Combination Logos

    Just like Pizza Hut and Puma, if you want to give multiple visual cues about your brand, go for a combination logo!

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    Emblem Logos

    Emblems logos have stood the test of time, from the royal stamps of powerful monarchs to the family crests. At Wizard, we make an emblem logo design that impresses your target audience at first look.

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    Illustrative Logos

    Just like Pizza Hut and Puma, if you want to give multiple visual cues about your brand, go for a combination logo!

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    Wax Seal Logos

    Just like Pizza Hut and Puma, if you want to give multiple visual cues about your brand, go for a combination logo!

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    Icon Based Logos

    Icon Mark logos or lettermarks are logos that consist of letters, usually brand initials, IBM, CNN, HP, HBO... Noticeing a pattern, yes?

    Icon Mark Logos

What makes Logo Wizard Innovations Different

Bringing originality, creativity and hardwork on your table when managing your project. Our team has no limits when it comes to producing all the necessary elements to offer you the best branding solution and our marketing expertise is not just for known brands but also for all the small start-ups and small businesses. You can chose what your brand needs from our product portfolio which includes logos, web-designing, web-development, mobile applications as well as video animation and creating custom 2D and 3D videos. Not enough? We got your social media covered too.




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Custom Design

Wizard Innovations

Offer Includes

We go beyond our limits to give Your Business a Magnificient Individuality!

Highly Creative

Creativity comes from using tools in a creative way to come with all the concepts. It takes research and knowledge combined with our constant creativity to achieve your goal.

Multiple Designers Assigned

For any design, following systematic process is very important. This process helps in identifying the designer who sits well with the project assigned. Every designer is assigned according to their expertise.

Industry Specific Designer

Our award winning designers, each with its own expertise and many years of experience are professionals in using their creativity to shape the design according to your business profile.

Logo Delivery

Every project is a commitment of creating the custom designs, we take our time to satisfy you and make sure we amaze you with our level of commitment.

Free Logo Multiple File Formats

Wanna put your logo on a shit? No need to worry. We provide different file formats for different practical uses, because your requirement is ours to meet.

Unlimited Revision

Let’s say you don’t understand the design. Don’t think all your money is gone, our designers are committed to meet every client’s needs to make sure no brand goes unnoticed when its out in the world.


Our designing process has been thoroughly analyzed and proved to be valuable over and over again. This process includes our marketing expertise with knowledge and presentation, providing you the best quality and giving your brand the boost it needs. Process initially starts with evaluating what exactly our client wants, getting the concepts ready and then finally delivering the final product to the client.

Design Brief

You will be briefed with where and what exactly your brand stands following up with a Q/A session to learn and understand your business objective. This session will provide necessary information that can be forwarded to the designers.

R&D And Sketching

Once our designers understand your concept, they start using their creativity and your provided information to come up with the best designs.

Presentation & Revision

After creating the final concepts, it is then presented to our clients and depending on their chosen package we move further onto revisions.


We then deliver you the final source files that you may require for example printing media or a website. With our creativity and your knowledge your brand is then provided with the best visual representation.


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We are a full service web design company with years of experience, passion and willingness to cater the client needs. We have the proven expertise and professional team of qualified designers and developers. Check out our customer portfolio and get the best design services from us.


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Emily Jordan

Head of Marketing

The website received positive feedback and drove an increase in sales. Flexible and efficient, the team produced high-quality content within a short period. Wizard Innovations innovative ideas and hands-on approach made for a fruitful partnership. They produced landing pages of varying lengths to be used on a website and for marketing campaigns.


Louis Martin

Technology Head

We are excited to be working with Wizard Innovations and building on their Chain of Custody solution. It has helped set the foundation for the Responsible Gold Supply Chain and Emergent Technology'sability to track gold from mine to vault.


Amber Jamal

Marketing & PR Manager

Our online ordering has increased about 4x in the past 3–4 years and Wizard Innovations has made it easier and more efficient to get orders through. It fits right into the operational flow.


Joscelyn Henneton

Sales Manager

We’ve been using @Wizard Innovations here at A Better Lemonade Stand for several years now. We've seen incredible growth - achieving a 532% growth one year. If you'd like to know more about them, read our review on the blog:


Kevin Cooper

Managing Director

Wizard Innovations specializing in both 2D & 3D animation including production of explainer videos, product demos, mobile app demos, corporate animated videos as well as character design. We work for both Fortune 500 companies and emerging new brands. Some of our clients include: Miami Air International, CanTrack Global, Universal ID and Photobox Group.


Amanda Allen

Regional Manager Operations

Wizard Innovations takes a modern approach to event software, thinking outside the box. Its everything you need with one platform, including marketing tools.

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